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NotifyME™ service has been retired.

NotifyME badge

Congratulations! After many years of service as a web service by Aufrance Associates, NotifyME is retired. Thank you to our many clients who used NotifyME to increase business and viewers on their web sites.

NotifyME allowed customers and prospects to be automatically informed about inventory changes that met their criteria for products and services. When using NotifyME, the customer entered their desires into a customizable web form, such as their criteria was met. For example, the customer received email notifications when a product was restocked, or a real estate listing became available.

NotifyME worked by comparing the user's criteria with database information on a frequent basis. Then, when a match was made, NotifyME sent automatic messages to let the customer know their desires were fulfill-able.

NotifyME also allowed users to opt out and into email notifications, and it also allowed a web site owner to view and manage their list of NotifyME users.

Web site owners displayed the NotifyME badge to let their viewers know of the availability of their web site's NotifyME service.

At Aufrance Associates, we used NotifyME for online stores and real estate listings, on web sites of our own and those of our clients.