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On this page: Shamrocks Thistles and Silver Spurs, Ramblin Irishman, In the Moon of Wintertime: Christmas Music, Musical Dreams, Cowboy Boots and Golden Slippers

Shamrocks, Thistles & Silver Spurs

Shamrocks Thistles and Silver Spurs

The music on this album is our most popular on all the download sites. It gets downloaded worldwide, and we're always happy to see that these traditional songs and tunes still resonate with music lovers everywhere.

We created Shamrocks, Thistles & Silver Spurs because this music was most-asked-for in our music shows. These are songs and tunes that we performed so often that making a CD was just the natural thing to do.

The unifying theme of this album is that it's a reflection of the Scots-Irish (the Shamrocks and the Thistles) influence on American folk (the Silver Spurs). These are the favorites and sing-alongs that audiences kept telling us they remembered from their childhoods and loved the most.

This music comes alive again every time you sing it: with friends around the campfire, with family in the kitchen or when you sing to your baby, just as moms and dads everywhere still sing You Are My Sunshine for their kids and each other. It's music that inspires a smile and heartfelt happiness.

We also including a few new folk originals, plus Mary Kay's new verse for You Are My Sunshine.

"Your singing is beautiful and these
are songs I have not heard for many years.
I used to sing songs like these to my son when he was a baby.
This CD brings back fond memories!"
-- Gail A. from Nevada

You have an absolutely beautiful voice.
I don't flatter anybody! Your voice is just beautiful!

-- Pat P. from Nevada

Track List:

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Amazon mp3You Are My Sunshine
Amazon mp3As Long As You Are Mine
-Tennessee Waltz
Amazon mp3Midnight on the Water
Amazon mp3Home on the Range
Apple MusicThe Dixie Bee Line
Apple MusicI Would Not Die in Springtime
Amazon mp3Dear Friends & Gentle Hearts
Amazon mp3Ramblin' Irishman
Amazon mp3Ain't No Easy
Apple MusicRosin the Bow
Apple MusicGarry Owen

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Ramblin' Irishman Music Book and CD
Ramblin Irishman music book and CD

Our first recordings are on this CD, which started as a demo for our Celtic band Gairin. The title track Ramblin Irishman suited Tom's voice and personality perfectly! And, I think that I channeled the Irish wife of The Ploughman every time I sang it!

As members of Gairin Celtic Band came and went over time, we made up sheet music so that we would all be on the same page, literally. Then, publishing the sheet music as a book was an organic and natural thing to do. So, when you buy the book, you get the actual practice materials we use with other musicians in Gairin Celtic Band. That is why we say you can start your own Celtic band with this book and CD; because, that is what we did.

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In the Moon of Wintertime: Christmas Music

In the Moon of Wintertime Christmas Music CD

To us, Christmas music is folk music. After singing in many choirs, small ensembles, and playing these songs at Christmas over the years, we developed our own style for doing the music with our own vocals and instrumentals. Making this CD was like giving a Christmas gift, and we hope you will find it (or give it) a gift, too!

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Musical Dreams

Musical Dreams

Living in a cabin on the edge of the pine trees, with the most beautiful view of Lake Tahoe's meadow and Mount Tallac, this is how I got inspiration for pursuing songwriting and making this CD and the accompanying music abook. At the time, we were pursuing our musical adventures avidly, as well as writing a whole lot of computer code for our day jobs as Aufrance Associates Internet providers. This is when I learned what a joy it could be to use the computer to write the songs, score out the sheet music, and record them.

People have told us they love our voices and that this album is especially soothing. One man even said he loves to listens to these songs when he needs calm inspiration in order to sleep at night. It's a wonderful feeling knowing our music can bring such joy.

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Cowboy Boots and Golden Slippers

Cowboy Boots and Golden Slippers

Our inspiration for this album came from performing as Slim and Minnie. Traveling with the Nevada Gunfighters Theatrical Acting Troupe, we sang these songs and played these tunes Out West as the musical act to warmup the crowd and entertain between the cowboy and gunfighter scripts. What a hoot that could be, performing in the clouds of gun powder with sherrifs and villains and (ahem!) soiled doves! These were our friends and we had a lot of fun times doing the gunfighter shows in California and Nevada. You can find videos of us singing some of the songs on this CD as Slim and Minnie during Nevada Gunfighters shows. One of the videos is super popular! It's Juanita, a well known Spanish themed ballad.

As Slim and Minnie, we branched out and performed our duet singing and playing accordion, mandolin and guitars for other venues, like the Nevada State Fair, Plumas County Fair and Carson Rendezvous. One day, while standing in line at a fast food restaurant, one of the young men told us he was a big fan of Slim and Minnie when he was growing up and his parents would take him to the Plumas County Fair every summer, where we were strolling and singing all the cowboy songs. Now that was an amazing experience, to be told that you were a happy memory of someone's childhood.

Track List:

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Amazon mp3Golden Slippers
Amazon mp3Red River Valley
Amazon mp3Seneca Square Dance
Amazon mp3Whiskey Before Breakfast
Amazon mp3Gentle Annie
Amazon mp3Juanita A Spanish Ballad
Amazon mp3Mary Kays Polka
Amazon mp3Country Waltz
Amazon mp3Oh Susanna Oh California
Amazon mp3Saddle the Pony
Amazon mp3Swallowtail Jig Morrisons Jig Set
Amazon mp3Home on the Range
Amazon mp3Red Haired Boy Little Beggarman
Amazon mp3Rakes of Mallow
Amazon mp3Waltz for the Johnsons
Amazon mp3Bonnie Blue Flag
Amazon mp3Let Your Heart Win (Celita)
Amazon mp3All the Pretty Little Horses

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