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Real Estate Internet
September 30, 2021 -- Congratulations to us! Over 25 years ago Aufrance Associates created the first multiple listing service for Realtors on the Internet. Today, Real Estate Internet™ is retired. Thanks to all the Realtors, vacation rental companies, property managers and other Internet providers, who prospered with us by using our REI services and software over the years. Actually, our REI software is still going strong, to serve lodging on our Tahoe Reno Mammoth website.

Hotel Booking is dedicated to increasing awareness of the dangers of radon, and what you can do to mitigate or reduce your exposure to radon. People can learn about radon, including how it causes lung cancer, and how to reduce radon in their own homes.

The website says that since Radon in the ground of every nation on planet Earth, we all live in a radon nation.

The problem of radon is presented with a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) map, so you can find out if your community has high radon levels. But, no matter what radon zone you live in, the EPA says that homes with high radon have been found in all zones. Therefore, all homes should be tested for radon.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind cigarette smoking. More than 10 percent of radon-related cancer deaths occur among nonsmokers, according to the National Cancer Institute. will include consumer reports and reviews of radon testing and mitigation tools, equipment and resources. The site currently includes links to radon tests, mitigation equipment and information.

Aufrance Associates has developed software since 1992 and became a, Internet Provider, web development and hosting company in 1995.

How to find out if you have Radon

radon detector
This Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings
is portable, lightweight, esy-to-use and uses 3 AAA Batteries

We have been using this Corentium Home Radon Dector for over 5 years, and find it's reliable and accurate for detecting Radon levels in home and office. Definitely a recommended item for finding out if you have Radon, and where, and then for doing your Radon mitigation and keeping your Radon levels down! Check it out on Amazon, where you can read other reviews and get your best price.

Our Review of Guide to Radon

Aufrance Associates Upgrades its Flagship Real Estate Internet™ Website Hosting Service

November 27, 2017 -- Web software development and hosting company Aufrance Associates announces its newest upgrade to Real Estate Internet™ Website hosting service.

"We are excited to have completed major upgrades to all the property management and real estate sites," announces owner Mary Kay Aufrance, who runs the company with husband Tom Aufrance. "This current upgrade means all our customers' websites work great on all devices, from iPhones to desktop computers, bringing everybody in compliance with the needs to today's Internet." The upgrade also includes expanded listing information, adding a more responsive and full-featured image gallery to the real estate listings, to complement the other features we have had all along, such as SEO, Webmaster Tools and Analytics, Maps, mortgage calculators and more.

Aufrance Associates has provided online stores and software that powers them since 1995 - the early days of the World Wide Web!

Go to Real Estate Internet™.

New Web App Manages Testimonials for Websites

October 10, 2015 -- Web software development and hosting company Aufrance Associates announces its newest App MyReviews Online Testimonial Manager.

"MyReviews is a nifty low priced testimonial manager for websites," according to Mary Kay Aufrance. "Any website owner can get MyReviews Online Testimonials, Reviews and Feedback Management System. (Update: This service was retired in 2021.)It's Easy! No coding or downloading required. Collect tons of testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. MyReveiws is Great for Search Engine Optimization SEO. You approve and edit your tetstimonials before they display. Hosted on Aufrance Associates secure server. Only $99 per year."

Aufrance Associates has provided online stores and software that powers them since 1995 - the early days of the World Wide Web! shopping unveiled on Comparison Shopping

July 15, 2011-- Online shopping site powered by Aufrance Associates announces the opening of its new shopping site listings on Shopping. TahoeHighSierra focuses on sales of backpacks, bags, adventure gear and camping gear.

Customers can now find all products on Shopping. Inventory is updated every day from warehouse actual stock counts.

"We had so many requests for outdoor gear, apparel and other products on our web site that we decided we could serve customers better by creating an online store to tie in with and focus on the gear active people were asking for," according to Tom Aufrance, President. "Since has such a large following for Lake Tahoe visitors and locals, we created to focus on shopping. Everything at is new and in the manufacturer's original packaging, therefore all purchases are covered under manufacturer warranty."

Aufrance Associates has provided online stores and software that powers them since the very beginnings of the Internet!

Real Estate Internet™ at Lake Tahoe featured by AP

CARSON CITY, NV January 7, 2005 -- An Associated Press article today (Nevada Appeal, Friday, January 7, 2005) pointed readers to Aufrance Associate's Lake Tahoe Web Site as the Lake Tahoe Real Estate Search. The article listed home sales and pricing statistics showing that the Lake Tahoe market has shown remarkable gains in the past 2 years.

"Imagine our surprise finding that Associated Press has featured our business! This was completely organic, and we super appreciate the attention!" exclaimed Mary Kay Aufrance, upon discovering the AP article.

The real estate search features all real estate listings from all the Lake Tahoe to Reno regional Boards of Realtors® Multiple Listing Services and includes links to over 50 regional real estate professionals and offices. It was the area's first search for real estate, and remains the most prominent with top placings in and other Internet search engines. The site is powered by Aufrance Associates Real Estate Internet™ software.

Aufrance Associates has provided online stores and software that powers them since 1995.

Aufrance Associates Announces Two New Web Sites Using JobSite™ Web Site Hosting Service

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 08/08/2001 -- unveils its JobSite with fanfare that includes a sweepstakes offering a BMW Z3 Roadster to a lucky winner who posts their job opening or resume on the site. The JobSite hosting service enables Academic Careers to provide its portal for academic and research professionals who search and post resumes and receive email notices when a job meets their qualifications. Colleges, universities, other educational and research organizations use the site to post job openings and search for qualified candidates who have registered as job seekers. was founded in 2001 by Robert Kuhne of Radnor, PA. For more information visit

The UK Online Exchange Network uses JobSite to complete its Web portal for the consultancy industry in Great Britain. The site, which focuses solely on the UK marketplace, uses JobSite to advertise consulting jobs, allowing consultants to search for jobs and submit their resumes to prospective project managers. was founded in 2000 by Mike Williams.

JobSite is offered as a hosted service that provides a searchable Jobs site and jobs-to-employers matching service on the Internet. JobSite includes a searchable database of jobs and employers, registration by prospective employees, job posting, resume posting and smart agent that sends email notifications when a job-to-prospect match occurs. Employers can post job openings, search the database for candidates whose skills match job openings, and build and maintain their own JobSite home page using Web browser based forms. Job seekers use JobSite to search for openings that match their skills, make their resumes accessible to employers, be matched to job openings and be automatically notified when a match occurs.

Aufrance Associates JobSite hosting service joins a suite of other applications and developer tools available from Aufrance Associates. Since 1995, the company has offered Web hosting services and its own line of Software for Internet that runs on Web servers on Microsoft Windows Web servers.

Other software titles and Web hosting services by Aufrance Associates include Calendar Internet, Survey Internet, Internet Security Builder, Real Estate Internet and REI PLUS real estate multiple listing service.

Clients and licensees of Aufrance Associates products include an impressive list of companies, governments and educational institutions, such as Lucent Technologies, US Steel, Ford Motor Co. and many other large and small organizations who use Software for Internet applications.

New JobSite Demo by Aufrance Associates: Jobs Advertising, Searching, Resume Collection and Matching Service

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA -- 05/28/2000

A new online demo shows off the jobs database application services (ASP) by Aufrance Associates, according to Internet Wire.

JobSite provides a complete Internet Jobs Database Application for employers, job shops and other organizations, who can host their JobSite on the Aufrance Associates server in order to:

  • Post job openings
  • Search the database for the best candidates
  • Match candidate qualifications to job requirements
  • Build and maintain their own Home Page

Job seekers can:

  • Search for the ideal job
  • Have their resumes accessible to employers
  • Be matched to job openings
  • Be automatically notified when a match occurs

The JobSite database is maintained by Web browser based forms that work with popular browsers such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Using JobSite to search for jobs or maintain job listings requires no special client software or Java.

JobSite has been the engine behind the Jobs in Government site since 1996. Jobs in Government Inc. is now part of the nationwide site. govWorks provides services to state and local governments, including utility bill paying, as well as job advertising and searches via JobSite.

This new software demo joins seven other applications and developer tools available from Aufrance Associates. The company has offered ASP services and its own line of Software for Internet Web servers on Windows NT since 1995.

Other software titles and application services by Aufrance Associates include Calendar Internet, Survey Internet, Internet Security Builder, Form-to-EMail, Real Estate Internet and REI PLUS real estate multiple listing service.

Clients and licensees of Aufrance Associates products include an impressive list of companies, governments and educational institutions, such as Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Seiko Instruments USA, US Steel, and many other large and small organizations who use Software for Internet applications.

Find out more about JobSite...

New Version of Calendar Internet for Microsoft IIS


(Update: Calendar Internet has been retired.)

It's a Web application server that provides a complete Web calendar application server that runs on Windows NT Web servers. Get the features of Calendar Internet - Web calendar of events used by large and small companies, ISPs, intranet - internet, governments and educational institutions.

Aufrance Associates has released a new version of its Calendar Internet application server for Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft Access. Calendar Internet provides an interactive calendar of events for Web sites that run on Windows NT, including as Microsoft IIS or O'Reilly WebSite. The software provides for interactive and secure data entry of events via Web browser, template-based customizable Web pages for events and sponsors, search-for-events, wall calendar for finding events for a particular day, optional transaction-based fees for posting events, secure credit card data entry, plus administrative functions that include customer lists, invoicing and more. The newest Calendar Internet version includes personal wall calendars for organization users, plus the ability to enter events that span a date range. Since its release in 1995, hundreds of companies, governments and educational institutions have either purchased Calendar Internet or host their Web calendars on the Aufrance Associates Web server. Calendar Internet sites include Sandia Laboratories, University of Hawaii, University of Michigan, Bureau of Land Management of the U.S. Department of Interior,, Purdue, State of Tennessee and many others. Aufrance Associates includes a partial list of Calendar Internet license holders on its Web site. Calendar Internet distributors include (,,,,, and US Compusoft. The software can also be purchased directly through Aufrance Associates.

New Software for Internet Product: JobSite Provides Internet Jobs Database

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- October 26, 1998

A new software product provides a turnkey online job search site for Web servers that run on Windows NT. JobSite TM by Aufrance Associates lets Internet sites and intranets build their own searchable database of jobs and job seekers.

The JobSite database is maintained by Web browser based forms and requires no special client software or Java. Employers who post jobs can be notified by a smart agent that sends them an email message when a job seeker registers for a job that matches their needs.

JobSite also sends email notifications to job applicants, who can post their resumes. But, job applicants also have the option of keeping their resume information confidential and hidden from employers.

JobSite has been the engine behind the Jobs in Government site for over two years. The software was first offered as a hosting service by Aufrance Associates before the firm decided to package the software for sale. JobSite is also still available as a hosting service, for businesses who do not have their own Web servers.

This new Internet software joins seven other applications and developer tools available from Aufrance Associates, who were one of the first companies to offer complete Internet applications starting in 1995. Other software titles by Aufrance Associates include Calendar Internet, Survey Internet, Internet Security Builder, Form-to-EMail, Real Estate Internet and REI PLUS an Internet multiple listing service.

Calendar Internet Upgrade Released Today


(Update: Calendar Internet has been retired.)

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Clickable Event Names and Links on the Wall Calendar! Plus, a home page for each of your users!

Due to popular demand, Clickable Event Titles and links to events have now been added to the Calendar Internet Wall Calendar page. The new upgrade to Calendar Internet also lets your calendar users build complete home pages for themselves. Each user builds their own page using easy Web browser forms. No programming or HTML coding. And, each user's page automatically includes links to all their events.

Calendar Internet pages are customizable, based on HTML templates. The demo site Wall Calendar tells how. Calendar Internet Webmasters can resize the event titles and limit the number to show -or- show all titles. These customizations allow the Wall Calendar to look like a calendar, instead of becoming distorted, which is a problem with most Web calendars.

NetTravel: How Travelers Use the Internet (Songline Guides) Features Aufrance Associates

NetTravel Internet travel book


"NetTravel" Features Aufrance Associates and Shows How Travelers Use the Internet in New Songline Book from O'Reilly & Associates

SEBASTOPOL, CA--During the past two years, the world has been looking to Lake Tahoe as a source of innovation in Internet Commerce, due to a local software development team who is now featured in a new guide that tells travelers how to use the Internet. Because Lake Tahoe's High Sierra Web site by Aufrance Associates includes advanced Internet commerce capabilities, its developers Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance have brought attention to Lake Tahoe as the a leader in the development of advanced Internet commerce systems and software.

The Aufrances are featured in the new book NetTravel: How Travelers Use the Internet from O'Reilly & Associates / Songline Studios. (By Michael Shapiro 1st Edition April 1997 ISBN: 1-56592-172-0 312 pages. Includes CD-ROM).

NetTravel is a virtual toolbox of advice for those travelers who want to tap into the rich vein of travel resources on the Internet. It is filled with personal accounts by travelers who've used the Net to plan their business trips, vacations, honeymoons, and explorations. Author Michael Shapiro gives readers all the tools they need to use the Internet immediately to find and save money on airline tickets, accommodations, car rentals, and more, including a CD-ROM with Internet software.

Over two years ago, Aufrance Associates' for Northern California emerged as a leader in travel Web sites, because the Aufrances developed one of the first on-line reservations systems. Lake Tahoe Accommodations was the first company to begin taking Internet bookings, followed very soon by Vacations Inc. of Winter Park, Colorado, Century 21 Hauserman Rental Group and others who use Aufrance Associates software to make on-line airline reservations.

Aufrance Associates uses their Lake Tahoe site to introduce the Internet commerce systems that the company sells to other Internet Service Providers worldwide. The firm's software now runs on Web sites in far-flung corners of the world, including Istanbul, Singapore, several towns in Germany and elsewhere.

This is not the first time the Aufrances have brought attention to Lake Tahoe. In October last year, Mary Kay Aufrance was featured on the opening page of another book about real estate marketing on the Internet, also by O'Reilly and Associates / Songline Studios. NetSuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet by Scott Kersnar debuted in August 1996 (214 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-213-1) For more information contact Sara Winge O'Reilly & Associates / Songline Studios 103A Morris St., Sebastopol, CA 95472 707/829-0515.

Go to Amazon for Nettravel: How Travelers Use the Internet

VB Online Magazine Features Software for Internet


The May issue of VB Online Magazine features Aufrance Associates Software for Internet, in particular Calendar Internet, which provides a complete calendaring application for Web sites running on Windows NT.

While the software giants are busy arguing about standards for calendaring applications on the Internet, Aufrance Associates has been busy filling orders for its Calendar Internet server software.

New Book NetSuccess Features Aufrance Associates Real Estate Internet™

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 28, 1996


Stories from Net-Savvy Lake Tahoe Internet Providers and Realtors are Featured in New Songline Guide from O'Reilly

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- During the past year, the World Wide Web has exploded as a real estate venue, with Lake Tahoe emerging as a leader in technology that enables real estate agents to sell homes on the Internet. As the home town of Real Estate Internet™, a software product developed and test marketed here, the Lake Tahoe to Truckee area gets a lot of attention in the new book, "NetSuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet," from O'Reilly & Associates.

The opening page of the book features local Internet provider and software developer Mary Kay Aufrance, who with her husband Tom Aufrance has helped local real estate agents to communicate and sell homes using their Real Estate Internet searchable database, which now has over 500 homes on view world wide.

To the Aufrances, whose software and suggestions are featured prominently throughout the book, the Internet seems tailor-made for the real estate industry. It offers an inexpensive and practically instant way to deliver rich information -- including pictures and even video--to customers who can shop online twenty-four hours a day. And it's becoming a vehicle to bring together all the players and services--real estate salespeople, lenders, appraisers, title companies, insurers, etc.--involved in the completion of a real estate transaction.

Yet, although Lake Tahoe is in the forefront of the Real Estate Internet boom, most agents and brokers have not begun to harness the communications and marketing tools of the Internet to enhance their careers. "NetSuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet," helps Realtors take the plunge into the online world, and shows them how to make the most of this emerging medium. The book is filled with stories of Net-savvy Realtors who are tapping the potential of the Internet to increase sales and work more efficiently. Through working agents' stories and "a day in the life" scenarios, readers learn what changes and what stays the same when you make technology a full partner in your working life.

"NetSuccess" explains how to get connected and use online tools, and shows readers the value of email for their business. Throughout the book, the author explores the wealth of real estate resources and useful information available on the World Wide Web. "NetSuccess" describes successful real estate Web sites and analyzes why they work. It also presents the pros and cons of building a Web site yourself vs. contracting the job to Web service providers.

While most of the book focuses on the home buyers market, NetSuccess also addresses how the Web is affecting commercial real estate, REITs, exchangers and lenders. Understanding how these business associates use the Web is valuable to any real estate agent, for increasingly, the Web is being used to speed up transactions and share information.

"NetSuccess" is written by a Realtor for Realtors. The book demonstrates how being connected to the Internet can liberate real estate agents from the limitations of time and place, and help them bring in more commissions. Produced by O'Reilly & Associates affiliate Songline Studios for O'Reilly's Songline Guide imprint, "NetSuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet" includes a CD-ROM with Internet software and limited free online time.

Go to Amazon for NetSuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet