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JobSite™ Websites for Help Wanted Jobs & Applicant Matching

JobSite™ gives you a complete jobs site on the Internet. Get your own Help Wanted website.

Our JobSite™ Hosting Service provides you with your own JobSite: posts job openings, manages your
Help Wanted postings, collects resumes and applications, provides jobs search, matches jobs and applications and notifies applicants of new jobs, and it even includes tallies for use in billing your business clients per job posted.

With your own company-branded JobSite™, you have complete control over your jobs database and website.

Features of JobSite™

  • All data is stored in your Microsoft Access database
  • Easily download your jobs database whenever you want
  • Matches up employers and job seekers
  • Notifies them when a match occurs
  • Gives you statistics, such as number of jobs posted by each business customer, applicants-per-job & more!


  • Post job openings & manage postings
  • Employers may post with password protection.
  • Or, you may post their jobs for them
  • View resumes & applications from job seekers
  • Search the database for the best candidates
  • Match candidate qualifications to job requirements
  • Are automatically notified via email when a match occurs
  • Build and maintain their own Home Page on your JobSite

Job seekers:

  • Search for the ideal job & post their resume
  • Enter their resumes for employers to view
  • Are automatically matched to current job openings
  • Are automatically notified via email when a match occurs

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