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About Aufrance Associates

The Technology Revolution provided a cascade of opportunities for creative people like Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance, who started as computer programmers for engineering, science and business applications during the 70's and 80's. In 1992, the Aufrances started their own company Aufrance Associates to provide programming and database services for corporations and governments. Then, the Internet Revolution came along and provided Aufrance Associates with seemingly endless opportunities and several "firsts" as developers of software and business applications for the Internet.

Aufrance Associates projects initially involved software for energy conservation, health care, accounting and education systems. Early clients of Aufrance Associates software consulting included Hewlett-Packard, Tacoma Public Utilities, the State of California Dept. of Education, Pacific Gas and Electric, Group Health Cooperative and many more clients for custom-built software.

Developers of the First Internet Commerce Applications

During the earliest days of the Internet boom, the Aufrances turned their attention toward creating software for Internet commerce. Their first Internet innovations served the great demand for business systems that could run on the Internet rather than just on desktop computers.

The Aufrances developed seven completely integrated applications that were marketed to Internet Providers under the generic title of Software for Internet. The seven software packages had easily recognizable names: Real Estate Internet, Calendar Internet, OrderIT!, VB ToolKit Internet for Microsoft Visual Basic, Survey Internet and Internet Security Builder. And, each of these applications was the first in its class, from first Real Estate Multiple Listing System to first Internet Calendar!

This is how the Aufrance Associates created the first fully integrated system for Internet providers to run their business and provide applications for their customers. Many ISPs purchased Aufrance Associates packages and ran their own business using them.

"It was an exciting time! We had complimentary skills in software and business development and we saw that Internet providers needed applications that allowed them to do business on the Internet. Our packages allowed them to perform business tasks, such as basic accounting, billing and invoicing. Our software allowed new Internet providers, who were starting up all over the world, to sell to local businesses, like real estate agents, community organizations, local restaurants, and others. We provided practical money making systems, and they sold like hot cakes!"

For example, Real Estate Internet was the first Internet real estate multiple listing service, before Zillow and And Calendar Internet was the first calendaring application, even before Microsoft Internet enabled their Outlook. In fact, Software for Internet was released during the Netscape years, whichefore Google and even before Microsoft's Internet Explorer! But, Software for Internet also withstood the test of time and still runs today, including on mobile devices.

Aufrance Associates software has sold to Internet Service Providers worldwide, from Switzerland to Turkey to the Philippines, in addition to many realty boards and startups throughout the USA. Today, Software for Internet continues to be used worldwide.

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