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JobSite Websites features

Features of Our JobSite™ Hosting Service

  • Easy Job Posting via Online Forms
  • Easy database! No downloading required. Nothing to install on your own computer. No Plug ins. No Java required.
  • Your own Search for Jobs is automatically created!
  • Flexible Job Categories and other search criteria.
  • Secure registration of job seekers who post their resumes.
  • Automatic email notifications when an applicant/job match occurs.
  • Added security for Job Seekers, who decide if employers can see their resume or if it should be kept confidential.
  • All pages are customizable: based on HTML templates that you can edit to make your site unique.
  • Customizable templates. JobSite works with Adobe Dreamweaver (Macromedia Dreamweaver) and other website designers!

What's so great about JobSite?

JobSite helps you to find qualified applicants for your position openings. Applicants are able to read about your opening:

  • Immediately after you enter it in your own JobSite database on the Internet.
  • From anywhere in country & beyond!
  • 24-hours a day every day!
Even when they are not online! Applicants who have registered for your JobSite EMail notification service will receive automatic notification if your position meets their job search profile.

Run JobSite for your own business, or you can provide a JobSite for several employers all in one searchable JobSite database!

Employers can subscribe for a flexible fee schedule that you setup. Employers can post their own positions directly online. There are no restrictions on ad length or duration of the posting.

Or, take single ads for your JobSite, since the server software is flexible.

JobSite is interactive!

Job seekers find open positions more quickly and easily using the powerful JobSite search engine. This saves job seekers precious time and keeps them coming back to your JobSite to look for career opportunities that meet their individual qualifications and employment criteria. Personalized job searches result in more suitable matches between candidate and employer!

Employers can control their ads.

Each employer gets a Username and Password for access to enter, edit and delete their own job listing information.

Each employer gets their own Home Page.

This page includes an informative employer profile, photographs and images of their choice, plus email links and an overview of all jobs currently open. From the Home Page, job seekers can click on job summaries of interest to them, to go to details on the job listing pages.

Useful online reports and features.

Search and view resumes by applicant qualifications. View all new jobs as of any date you desire. Find all applicants whose qualifications match certain job openings! View employers whose subscriptions to your service are about to expire. View and edit employer Home Pages and and job advertisement information. And more!

Take advantage of the exciting features of JobSite and build your own powerful Internet recruitment center!

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