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JobSite Websites FAQs

JobSite Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can JobSite pages can be completely customized (HTML, Images, Backgrounds and more).
  • Yes. The pages are based on HTML template files, with special fields that are filled in with database information to display your Web pages. The JobSite software combines your template and design with information about jobs or employers, to dynamically update your Web pages and job listings.
  • You can change your templates to give your site its own unique look.

2. Does my JobSite database need to reside on the Aufrance Associates server?
  • Yes. JobSite is offered as a Web hosting application only. For a copy of our hosting agreement and more information, just contact us.

3. We would have a number of different employers placing jobs into the database via the web. Is it possible to setup password protected areas for each employer?
  • Yes. That is how JobSite works. Each employer gets a unique password and User ID.
  • You also get your own administrator password and User ID, so you can get to all employers' data entry forms, too.

4. that an employer can only gain access to the jobs they themselves have posted?
  • Exactly.

5. Is Microsoft Access used for database? Does the client "not see" the database and simply builds, input, update, delete, etc, the whole thing via the web?
  • Yes. The database is Microsoft Access. The site owner and employers can update the database real time on our server, as you described. They just need Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • The site owner gets FTP access to the database and all files on the site, so you can download your database and also make any changes you need to on your templates and other Web pages.

6. We already have a site with an established Domain Name, but might want to change to JobSite.
  • You can keep your domain name. You do not have to move your current Web site or change its name.
  • We can link your JobSite on our server to your current site.
  • We can move your domain name to our server.
  • Or, we can also setup a similar name using your domain name, such as!

7. I already have jobs in a database. Can we import these into JobSite so that I do not have to re-enter all that data?
  • Depending on your current jobs database, it may be a good idea to load your current jobs and employer information into the JobSite .mdb (the Access database). However, we would have to take a look at the files and record layouts before promising this. It may be better to start fresh and enter your employers and jobs into a new JobSite database, by using the online forms as usual. But, the idea of loading your current information is worth exploring. (Just ask us for a quote.)

8. Can the software also collect resumes from the job seeker, which can then be searched by the employers?
  • Yes. The job seekers can register and input a simple resume using a form in their Web browser.
  • Then, a "smart agent" (nightly process) matches up job seekers with jobs that "fit", and the agent notifies the job seeker when a match occurs. So someone can register say today, and get a notice in a week or a month if a job has been entered into the database that looks like a match for them. This is very important to your employers. Later on, the job seeker can always un-register when they don't want to receive email notices of job matches anymore.
  • JobSite also includes Security for Job Seekers! The job seeker can also decide if they want employers to see their resume. There is an employer screen that allows an employer to view resumes of job seekers that match jobs for that employer. (This only shows job seekers who have checked a box that says "allow resume to be viewed".) As you can see, this system keeps job seeker information private, unless the job seeker says to let employers see their information.


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