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Enjoy these images from our stage and festival performances! We're grateful for fans and friends who have captured us in these acts of musical fun!

Playing Dance Tunes for the Urban Farm Fest

Slim and Minnie at the Urban Farm Fest

We enjoy the fine repas at this wonderful River School Farm event, before playing as contra dance band for the Urban Farm Fest.

Dance Band for the Urban Farm Fest

Making merriment as the contra dance band Local Honey Band with Vicki on fiddle, Norris on upright bass, and George Grover as dance caller. Look at all those lively and smiling contra dancers at River School Farm Urban Farm Fest. Thanks for the images:

Our Musical Toast to the Lads and Lassies

Burns Supper at Grand Sierra Reno

Enjoying the fine fare after presenting the Toast to the Lassies and Reply to the Laddies at the annual Robert Burns Celebration of the Nevada Society of Scottish Clans. For this occasion we sing, dance a Scottish step up the aisle to the stage and always enjoy the festivities with fellow Clans men and women.

Celtic Music and Magic

Gairin Celtic Music Magic Show at Celtic Festival

At the Portola Celtic Festival and Reno Celtic Celebration, our Celtic Music and Magic Show begins as the Mystical Lockbox sits in the center of the stage awaiting participants from the audience who will assist in unlocking its secrets. Thanks for the photo Audrey of Portola Celtic.

Reno Celtic Magic Show by Gairin

Three lassies from the audience participate in our musical magic trick at Reno Celtic Celebration in Reno. What will emerge from the Mystical Lockbox? Thanks to Pat Puchert for capturing this moment!

Slim & Minnie at Virginia City

Slim and Minnie and Tex Weir

At the Virginia City Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry, Slim and Minnie are joined on stage by folk musicologist and Carnegie Hall veteran performer Tex Weir
Photo by The Carsonist (used with permission)

Minnie on accordion and Clay Leveskis on fiddle

We invited Clay From Far Away to join us on stage, much to the delight of all at the Virginia City Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry. That's Clay Leveskis of Auburn, Calif. on fiddle. Thanks to Jens of The Carsonist for this fine image.

Wow! We're featured in the newspaper Reno Record Courier!

Record Courier Features Gairin

Harkening back to our own days of Knights and Nobles, here we are in this newspaper feature of the Genoa Renaisssance Faire - that is Genoa, Nevada. We performed the hits of the 80's - that is the FIFTEEN 80's!

Classical Lunches and Brewery Arts Center

The Brewery Arts Center Classical Lunches were a summer treat! We perform several lunch time concerts, entertaining with a variety of music. Occasionally we join with musicians from the Carson Symphony and Silver Strings Classical Quartet.

Brewery Arts Center

The audience enjoys lunch from Foodies in the Brewery Arts Center along with our musical entertainment in the courtyard. A truly lovely experience! Thanks for the coverage in the Reno Gazette Journal's Carson Times and Shannon Litz, Record-Courier, Gardnerville, NV

4th of July with Sierra Philharmonic Extravaganza

Performing at the Serra Philharmonic League's Pops in the Park on 4th of July in Genoa, Nevada Thanks for these photos to Bill Bandes and other friends, Genoa, NV.

Performing at Genoa Nevada 4th of July

Performing traditional music for the 4th of July Sierra Philharmonic League celebration with fiddler extraordinaire Sue Jesch. Many thanks to Tom Becker for capturing these photos!

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