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Shamrocks Thistles and Silver Spurs

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- Shamrocks, Thistles & Silver Spurs

A reflection of the Scots-Irish (Shamrocks and Thistles) influence on American folk (Silver Spurs). These are the favorites and sing-alongs that audiences tell us they love to hear the most. So, now folks can take the music home from our shows.

This music comes alive again every time you sing it: with friends around the campfire, with family in the kitchen or when you sing to your baby, just as moms and dads everywhere still sing You Are My Sunshine for their kids and each other. It's music that inspires a smile and heartfelt happiness.

We also including a few new folk originals, plus Mary Kay's new verse for You Are My Sunshine.

"Your singing is beautiful and these
are songs I have not heard for many years.
I used to sing songs like these to my son when he was a baby.
This CD brings back fond memories!"
-- Gail A. from Nevada

You have an absolutely beautiful voice.
I don't flatter anybody! Your voice is just beautiful!

-- Pat P. from Nevada

Track List:

  1. You Are My Sunshine 1:56
  2. As Long As You Are Mine 2:17
  3. Tennessee Waltz 4:20
  4. Midnight on the Water 3:06
  5. Home on the Range 4:09
  6. The Dixie Bee Line 2:17
  7. I Would Not Die in Springtime 1:29
  8. Dear Friends & Gentle Hearts 2:19
  9. Ramblin' Irishman 1:58
  10. Ain't No Easy 3:23
  11. Rosin the Bow 3:23
  12. Garry Owen 1:42

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Click to Preview Ramblin' Irishman music book 23 songs and tunes and CD

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Ramblin' Irishman Music Book and CD Set

Music Scores 23 Songs & Tunes Originally From Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England & Amerikay

with CD Ramblin' Irishman

By Tom & Mary Kay Aufrance

This music book gives you sheet music for Celtic favorites as performed on the Audio CD of the same name plus more music by Tom and Mary Kay. Song lyrics, vocal melodies and harmonies, instrumental tunes and chords for accompaniment. Start your own Celtic band, or enjoy playing along with Tom and Mary Kay as done on their CD Ramblin' Irishman and more.
Skill Level: Easy to Play but also Interesting Arrangements
Page Count: 28
US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Cover: Glossy Color
Pages: Black and White
Categories: Music / Songbooks
1442142464 / 9781442142466
CD is Included
Included in this book:

1. Ramblin' Irishman*
2. The Ploughman*
3. Planxty Irwin*
4. Planxty Hewlett*
5. Down by the Salley Gardens*
6. Si Do Mhammoi (She's Your Granny)*
7. The Jug of Punch*
8. Galway Races*
9. The Road to Lisdonvarna*
10. Sorry the Day I Was Married*
11. Tar Road to Sligo*
12. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie*
13. The Parting Glass*
14. Adieu Dundee
15. Wild Mountain Thyme
16. The Minstrel Boy
17. The Ash Grove
18. The Rose of Tralee
19. Danny Boy
20. Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress
       Murphy's Chowder?
21. Tom's Chowder
22. Mary Kay's Polka
23. The Bells of Ireland
(* on Ramblin' Irishman CD)

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Folk Music CD Ramblin Irishman
Here we are ramblin' on the V&T Railroad in Virginia City, where Irish-Americans became the richest men in the world! After taking this picture, just as we stepped off the tracks and cleared all our gear, including instruments and photographic equipment, the V&T roared by! Shooting a CD cover can be risky business!

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- Ramblin' Irishman

This CD is a classic! Some real gems here from the Celtic Tradition. Average Customer Review: *****

Ramblin' Irishman Includes Celtic tunes, ballads, bar songs, heartfelt ballads and historical music, as well! A little bit of everything Celtic, but with Gairin's own style and vocal harmonies like no other. Just as Gairin does the music in their shows, you'll hear lovely ballads next to "stompin' through the Scottish moor" music. That's why it's true that if you like Celtic music you will find something you love on Ramblin' Irishman!

A lot of the music came over on the boat from Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands. But, Gairin does it like no other with their unique vocal harmonies. Also, enjoy Tom's flair on Irish bouzouki, 6 & 12 string guitars and Mary Kay's charming accordion.

It's a variety CD that includes Celtic tunes, ballads, bar songs, heartfelt ballads and historical music, as well! A little bit of everything Celtic, but with our own style and vocal harmonies like no other.

Track List:

  1. Ramblin' Irishman
  2. The Ploughman
  3. Planxty Irwin/Hewlett
  4. Down by the Sally Gardens
  5. Si Do Mhammoi (She's Your Granny)
  6. The Jug of Punch
  7. Galway Races / The Road to Listonvarna
  8. Sorry the Day I Was Married
  9. Tar Road to Sligo (Coleman's)
  10. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie / Dougie MacLean's Strathspey
  11. The Parting Glass

Gairin Christmas music In the Moon of Wintertime CD

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In the Moon of Wintertime: Christmas Music

This CD is our Best Seller ALL YEAR ROUND!

Featuring Christmas Shoes. It's a celebration of love that perseveres from afar over the holiday season. An apt sentiment for those with loved ones at far away military bases and away from home and family over the holidays, and folks download Christmas Shoes from Apple Music, Amazon, Routenote and all over the world all year round!

This Cd includes everybody's Christmas favorites and more, done by two voices that will touch your heart and raise your spirits, with sweet acoustics on mandolin, 6 and 12 string guitars, accordion and drums.

Enjoy acoustic music by Gairin this Christmas.

Track List:

  1. Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
  2. Christmas in Killarney / Morrison's Jig
  3. Deck the Halls
  4. Christmas Shoes
  5. Joy to the World
  6. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  7. I Wonder as I Wander
  8. Good People All (The Wexford Carol)
  9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  10. Silent Night
  11. In Dulci Jubilo / I Saw Three Ships
  12. The Coventry Carol
  13. The Boar's Head Carol
  14. Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella
  15. The Holly and the Ivy
  16. Gaudete
  17. Auld Lang Syne

Folk Musical Dreams CD

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  Musical Dreams

A collection of 22 original songs and tunes by Gairin. Inspired by dreams, the music is sometimes dreamy and at other times it bounces! Sometimes very adult and then again it can be quite childish.

Wanting to include all the songs Mary Kay had written at the time, plus a few of Tom's tunes too, we packed 69 minutes of music into this little disc!

On this CD the vocals of Tom and Mary Kay blend with folk mandolin, guitar, Irish bouzouki and accordion.

Track List:

  1. Musical Dreams -3:03
  2. Ain’t No Easy 1:58
  3. As Long as You are Mine/Maid Behind the Bar 2:16
  4. Sleeping With Tom 3:16
  5. Valse à Mary 2:13
  6. Sleep Sings Along 3:01
  7. Coyote Party 1:25
  8. Amanda 4:33
  9. Her Secret Mystery 3:37
  10. The Mountain Sea (The Lake Tahoe Song) 4:29
  11. After You’ve Gone 3:37
  12. Go Ask The Rain 3:27 Just Like Me 2:33
  13. Mr. Potato Head 2:56
  14. Good Morning to You My Sweetheart 1:34
  15. If You Need a Friend 1:42
  16. You Are My Sunshine/Mary Kay’s 1:55
  17. Let Your Heart Win 2:49
  18. Tons O’ Fun 2:44
  19. Give Me Your Hand 4:18
  20. The Lark in the Morning 1:54
  21. Up to Me 3:23
  22. The Bells of Ireland 3:37
  23. Dear Friends & Gentle Hearts 2:16

Musical Dreams Song Lyrics

(69 minutes of music)

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