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FAQs About OrderIT!

Can my store have its own Domain Name?

Yes. domain name registration is included. If you already have a domain name, we can help you transfer it. Or, keep your domain name on the server where it currently resides, and we will help you link to your OrderIT! store.

How will buyers find my store?

Registration with top Internet search engines is included.

Can my site have a secure order form?

Yes. We support Secure Sockets Layer.

Can the site have additional custom Web pages & links?

Yes. You can add your extra links, images etc. to the templates that display database info about your products and your business. You can also embed links and other HTML in product descriptions, so you can link to additional page and images to fully describe your products. Plus, you can make additional custom Web pages - as many of them as you desire.

Can the site have RealAudio, Virtual Tours, images and other bells and whistles?

Yes. For example, you can embed video or audio links in your product descriptions. If your product is a CD, you can include a "Click here to listen" link.

How Does OrderIT! work with services for secure online credit card transactions?

OrderIT! collects credit card information with your order info. in your database, so that you can process batches of credit card transactions using your own already-in-place business methods. Many OrderIT! site owners prefer to use their familiar terminal or software such as ICVERIFY to process their credit card transactions. An export-to-batch query in OrderIT! streamlines this process, if you wish to authorize and settle transactions in batches.

Online credit transactions -or- batch processing -- It's up to you.

We use industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card information securely both on the way from the shopper to our computers, and again from our computers to you, the merchant.

How much does an OrderIT! Store cost?

  • $1,200 one-time setup fee creates your online store.

  • $50 Basic Hosting Web Hosting Fee --

    This monthly fee is for hosting your store on our secure, reliable servers, as well as for the use of our powerful, award-winning, and always-evolving Store software platform. High-traffic surcharges may apply. Please contact us to review a copy of our Web hosting agreement.

  • NO Product Insertion Fees --

    Some online store providers charge this fee per product per calendar month, based on the daily average number of published products in your store. There is never a Product Insertion Fee with OrderIT!

  • NO transaction fees --

    This is another fee that some providers apply to every transaction. But not OrderIT! There is never a transaction fee with OrderIT!

  • NO revenue share fees --

    There is never a revenue share fee with OrderIT!

  • NEVER any "percentage of your business" fees --

    Billing for your OrderIT! store is soley based on Web traffic to your site. We don't meddle in your business!

How do I receive orders from online customers?

There two ways to receive orders:

  1. You receive an email notice immediately whenever someone places an order.
  2. You can retrieve orders as database files by downloading your OrderIT! database.

Can I change a store once I've created it?

Yes. You can update your site as often as you want, from any Internet-connected computer. You receive a full file transfer account with your OrderIT! services. Some of our users update their sites several times a day.

While you're editing your site, visitors will continue to see the current version, but once you publish your changes, the updated version becomes visible instantly.

Can I get statistics about traffic?

Yes. During the first week of each month, our server automatically tallies the number of accesses to your Web pages, and reports are created for your site. You can view these reports using your Web browser.

I have a database of all my inventory. Can I use that database to build my store?

Yes. Ask us about importing your database files into the OrderIT! database for you. In some cases this is a quick way to get started. However, Aufrance Associates will need to take a look at your current file format, to determine if it is able to be imported into OrderIT!

Do we need any special hardware or software?

You will need a Windows based computer with a web browser and a way to connect to the Internet.

In order to include images in your Store you may want a scanner or digital camera.

The software you need is an ordinary web browser.

Do you want to use OrderIT on your own computer for advanced reporting? It uses a Microsoft Access database, so any desktop software that can import Access .mdb files will work.

We already have a web site. Can we use OrderIT! to build a storefront and put just the e-commerce part of our site on your servers?

Yes! We gladly provide instructions to your Web designer. Or, we'll link your sites together for you.

Will anyone else have access to my sales data?

Absolutely not. Unless you provide it to them

Is OrderIT! available for merchants outside the United States?

Yes. Just contact us with your special request.

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