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Musical Dreams

Musical Dreams CD

Musical Dreams is a lovely collection of 22 original songs and tunes by Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance of Gairin Music. Inspired by dreams, the music is sometimes dreamy and then again at other times the music bounces like the lively dance tunes that inspired it.

Since we wanted to include all the songs Mary Kay had written at the time, plus a few of Tom's tunes too, we packed 69 minutes of music into this little disc! The only unifying theme is that all the music on this album was inspired by lucid dreams which are a common experience of many creative musicians and songwriters who hear the music in their mind's eye and then write it down.

On this CD the vocals of Tom and Mary Kay blend with folk mandolin, guitar, Irish bouzouki and accordion. You can listen to the songs by clicking on the track name in the sidebar to the right, or MP3Hear all our music on Amazon

Track List:

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Amazon mp3Musical Dreams
Amazon mp3Aint No Easy
Amazon mp3As Long as You are Mine Maid Behind the Bar Set
Amazon mp3Sleeping With Tom
Amazon mp3Valse a Mary
Amazon mp3Sleep Sings Along
Amazon mp3Coyote Party
Amazon mp3Amanda
Amazon mp3Her Secret Mystery
Amazon mp3The Mountain Sea (The Lake Tahoe Song)
Amazon mp3After Youve Gone
Amazon mp3Go Ask The Rain
Amazon mp3Just Like Me
Amazon mp3Mr. Potato Head
Amazon mp3Good Morning to You My Sweetheart
Amazon mp3If You Need a Friend
Amazon mp3You Are My Sunshine
Amazon mp3Let Your Heart Win
Amazon mp3Tons O Fun
Amazon mp3Give Me Your Hand
Amazon mp3The Lark in the Morning
Amazon mp3Up to Me
Amazon mp3The Bells of Ireland
Amazon mp3Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

(69 minutes of music)

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