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Ramblin' Irishman Music Book and CD Set

Music Scores 23 Songs & Tunes Orignally From Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England & Amerikay

Ramblin' Irishman music book 23 songs and tunes and CD

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Our Ramblin Irishman music book is available with the CD Ramblin' Irishman. Sing and play along. You can even start your own Celtic band using this combination of sheet music and audio to get started.

This music book gives you sheet music for Celtic favorites as performed on the Audio CD of the same name plus more music by Gairin. Song lyrics, vocal melodies and harmonies, instrumental tunes and chords for accompaniment. Yes! chords are included on all the sheet music in this book! It's all you need to enjoy singing along and playing along with Gairin as done on their CD Ramblin' Irishman and more.

SKILL LEVEL: Easy to Play!

Page Count: 28
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Cover: Glossy Color
Pages: Black and White
Categories: Music / Songbooks
ISBN/EAN13: 1442142464 / 9781442142466
The CD is Included when you buy directly from this website. The CD must be purchased separately on other outlets.

Included in this book:

1. Ramblin' Irishman*
2. The Ploughman*
3. Planxty Irwin*
4. Planxty Hewlett*
5. Down by the Salley Gardens*
6. Si Do Mhammo I (She's Your Granny)*
7. The Jug of Punch*
8. Galway Races*
9. The Road to Lisdonvarna*
10. Sorry the Day I Was Married*
11. Tar Road to Sligo*
12. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie*
13. The Parting Glass*
14. Adieu Dundee
15. Wild Mountain Thyme
16. The Minstrel Boy
17. The Ash Grove
18. The Rose of Tralee
19. Danny Boy
20. Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder?
21. Tom's Chowder
22. Mary Kay's Polka
23. The Bells of Ireland
(* These songs are on the Ramblin' Irishman CD and in the book, too.)

About the CD Ramblin' Irishman

One reviewer said, "This CD is a classic! Some real gems here from the Celtic Tradition." Wow! Thanks! The Average Customer Review: ***** (5 Stars out of 5) Thanks again!

Ramblin' Irishman Includes Celtic tunes, ballads, bar songs, heartfelt ballads and historical music, as well! A little bit of everything Celtic, but with Gairin's own style and vocal harmonies like no other. Just as Gairin does the music in their shows, you'll hear lovely ballads next to "stompin' through the Scottish moor" music. That's why it's true that if you like Celtic music you will find something you love on Ramblin' Irishman!

A lot of the music came over on the boat from Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands. But, Gairin does it like no other with their unique vocal harmonies. Also, enjoy Tom's flair on Irish bouzouki, 6 and 12 string guitars and Mary Kay's charming accordion.

It's a variety CD that includes Celtic tunes, ballads, bar songs, heartfelt ballads and historical music, as well! A little bit of everything Celtic, but with our own style and vocal harmonies like no other.

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Track List:

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Amazon mp3Ramblin' Irishman
Amazon mp3The Ploughman
Amazon mp3Planxty Irwin Hewlett Set
Amazon mp3Down by the Sally Gardens
Amazon mp3Si Do Mhammo I
Amazon mp3The Jug of Punch
Amazon mp3Galway Races The Road to Listonvarna Set
Amazon mp3Sorry the Day I Was Married
Amazon mp3Tar Road to Sligo
Amazon mp3Are Ye Sleepin Maggie
Amazon mp3The Parting Glass

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