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Book Review: How the Irish Saved Civilization

Super Good Read:
How the Irish Saved Civilization

What a catchy title and novel concept that the Irish saved civilization! Since we are Irish music fans, this title was super attractive to us. And, what an interesting wonderful book this turned out to be! Even though some of the reviewers on Amazon didn't like that this book is really very America centric, we love this book!

Cahill's book was a top seller when it was first published. We can see why, because it's a great historical explanation of how Ireland's political, geographical, and religious tradition of isolation allowed it to preserve the great academic works of Roman culture. This knowledge, locked away in remote Abbey's and Monasteries, helped to kick start civilization when Ireland rejoined the world at the turn of the last millennium. Therefore, Ireland and the Irish benefited all European civilizations, for sure.

As musicians into Irish music and history, we love that Cahill's book is filled with music history, including much about the musicians and performers who came over on the boat, and popularized Irish singing and songs in the United States.

Did the Irish save civilization? Decide for yourself! Find the book on Amazon: How the Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History)

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