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Presenting our Newest Recording: Country Waltz

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We just finished recording Country Waltz for our students at an upcoming workshop. They are going to love this traditional tune, and I hope you like it too!

Provided to YouTube by Routenote Country Waltz Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance from their album Cowboy Boots and Golden Slippers (c) Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance, Carson City, Nevada USA.

The video was uploaded on 3/26/2020. The video lasts for 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

Country Waltz

This waltz is very common in the Appalachian tradition, but nobody lists any author or credits! You can find it in the The Fiddler's Fakebook where there's nary a credit neither! Strange, eh? By the way if you're looking for another great place to find the music and history of tunes and songs in the Scottish Irish and Appalachian tradition, check out TheSession.org

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