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"Erin go Bragh"

Here's a wee bit o' interesting Irish history for ya! Erin go Bragh is an anglicisation of the Irish phrase Eirinn go Brach, in which Eirinn refers to Eire or Ireland. We're sure you knew that already! But, did you also know that that the English version was probably taken out of context, from the Irish Go bhfanad in Eirinn go brach ("May I stay in Ireland for ever") or Go bhfillead go Eirinn go brach ("May go back to Ireland for ever" or "May you always be in Ireland"). So, there you have your healtfelt expression of wishing you a lovely Ireland Forever State of Mind.

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Reno Celtic

With friend and Reno Celtic organizer Willie Puchert,
President of the Sons and Daughters of Erin.

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