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Gáirín means "a little bit o' laughter. Kinda like a chuckle." So, is it any wonder that Laughology
has licensed our music for
their DVD project?

Laughology - The DVD, UK (Great Britain)

It may be more than coincidental that our Celtic stage name Gáirín means "a little bit o' laughter, like a chuckle" for this commercial client! We checked out their DVD The Meaning of Laugh. It's the world's first feature length documentary to address the topic of laughter! Watching the DVD, we learned a lot about how important it is to laugh! We always thought so and now you can find out why...

'Plato hated it, the Bible discouraged it and psychologists once thought it would drive you insane. When Albert realises he's forgotten how to laugh, he embarks upon a global investigation into this mysterious physical phenomenon, spanning neuroscientists, holy laughter groups and the man with the most contagious laugh in the world. "Haahaahaahaa", pants prehistoric man, excitedly clubbing another man over the head. He's having fun, the man is his friend, and this is the elemental sound of laughter. A couple of million years later, we find Albert sitting in his dressing gown in a grey city apartment. It's a picture of stress and exhaustion broken only by the giggle of his baby daughter. "Who taught this baby to laugh?"

Other recent licensing clients include:

Canamedia, UK (Great Britain) - Canamedia Productions Ltd was founded in 1978 by producer/director Les Harris and executive producer Jane Harris. It is one of the longest established distribution and production companies in Canada. Canamedia Film Productions Inc was incorporated in 1997.

The Peace Project, UK (Great Britain)

Licensing is through Getty Black Box, Washington USA and Getty online.

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