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Tuneville USA

It sure was fun leading Tuneville music sessions at Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, Nevada: Tuneville USA.

Tuneville Sessions

Tom and Mary Kay lead Tuneville musicians under the twinkly lights on the BAC Patio

Thanks to Dana Freund for the great photos of Tuneville Sessions! In addition to the lights above us, several luminaries of traditional, Celtic and classical music appear in these photos of Tuneville Celtic music sessions on the patio at Brewery Arts Center, Carson City, NV USA.

Tuneville Session at Brewery Arts Center Carson City NV

Carson City Symphony Director Ellie Bugli fiddled along with us, and Contra Dance Caller George Grover brought along his guitar. Since it was dark and there was not sign up sheet, I can not tell everybody's name, but also playing along was that irrepressible Nevada Music meister Chris Bayer fiddler.

Tuneville Session at Brewery Arts Center Carson City NV

So much fun playing with you all! If you participated in Tuneville, just contact us and let us know how we can add your name to this page.

Tuneville Session at Brewery Arts Center Carson City NV

Darla Bayer, dance caller and TV station director is surrounded by a bevy of beauties, including Mary Kay playing shakers.

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