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We sang! We danced! We played our hearts out to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns!

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LIVE frivolity! We invited Celtic musicians and dancers and sent out a play list, for this super fun sometimes raucous and other times sublime occasion to celebrate Robert Burns Birthday. Not a performance by any means, but instead this was a great time getting everybody together for the first time.

You can Zoom to a particular selection on this video. The links below take you to our LIVE music and dancing via Youtube...

Accordion: Mary Kay Aufrance
Bagpipes and Percussion: Pierre Ogea
Bodhran: Allen Palmgren
Dancers: Deborah Choszczyk, Heather Dombrowski, Elizabeth Furst, Helen Gokey
Fan: David Crowe
Fiddles: Katherine Bender, Joe Patrick, Robert Yin
Guitars: Tom Aufrance, Warren Hantz, Bruce Irving
Penny Whistle: Carol Irving

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