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We sang, danced and played our hearts out for St. Urho and St. Patrick

Celebrating the fun of performing with Pierre Ogea, Elizabeth Fust and Deborah Choszczyk for St. Patrick's and St. Urho's. Wearin' the Green and Purple and making merry with dancing, singing and lively tunes.

St Urho and Patricks Day Show

Wha? St. Urho?

Of course we make merry music for the Saint who saved the wine harvest by driving the grasshoppers out of ancient Finland! Saving the wine is a feat that totally deserves sainthood in our book! That's why we're wearin' the Green and the Purple to celebrate St. Urho's Day as well as St. Patrick's!

In case you have never heard of the legendary St. Urho, we are happy to have caught you up on this important bit of folklore. After all, Saint Urho has been recognized with proclamations in all 50 states, and St. Urho is known and celebrated across the United States and Canada, and even in Finland.

Since St. Urho's Day is celebrated on March 16, we pay musical homage as part of our St. Patrick's Day shows.

Want to know more about St. Urho? Check out: What is St. Urho's Day

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