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New Song! It's Just A Little Song

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Mary Kay's latest is Just a Little Song. Literally! Hope you like it!


This song is just a little thing
It doesn't last too long.
It's not too much of anything,
but you can sing along.
And just in case you're wondering
the meaning of my song.
It's just a little song to sing.

I hope you don't expect too much.
The words don't make much sense.
They really don't say such and such.
So please don't take offense.
And just in case you're wondering
There's really no suspense.
It's just a little dalliance.

So thanks to you for listening.
It's been my pleasure too.
I hope some day in memories,
you'll think of me and you,
and how we sang together when.
you knew me way back then,
and sing my little song again.

(c) Tom & Mary Kay Aufrance, Marquette, MI USA.

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