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Discover the original music of Tom & Mary Kay Aufrance

Here are the lyrics and videos for songs on our album Musical Dreams and more.

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Musical Dreams

Like many composers, it often seems as if my music is mystically inspired, because Most of my songs start out as lucid dreams.

It came out of the dawn before first morning light.
'Twas a choir of men singing there.
And a beautiful lady was singing it too,
with a sparkle like stars in her hair.

Melodies were adrift on the breath of my dream.
As they sang to my drowsy repose,
with a tune so familiar it came like a gift
from the fairies beyond, I suppose.

Out of darkness delivered such musical dreams,
so complete as if dreams could be true.
And they left us the proof without question it seems
as the dawning awakened anew.

I suppose I should sing it for you.

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Aint No Easy

This song to mind as we were pedaling our bicycles up Combs Canyon
Road in Carson City. As sweat stung our eyes, another rider on that hill called out to us, “Take it easy,” to which I laughed and called back to him, “There ain’t no easy on this hill.” Then, during the rest of the ride, I came up with the lyrics, and Tom made up the tune for our song Aint No Easy.

There ain't no easy on this hill.
No easy's not and it ne 'r will.
I looked around enough to know.
So easy's not the way I'll go.

There ain't no easy in this town.
Though all my friends go up 'n down.
You see that look that's in their face?
There ain't no easy in this place.

There ain't no easy in my mind.
A look inside and you will find,
it's obvious as you can see.
That easy's not the way for me.

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As Long As You Are Mine

This is a fun little song we sang for the first time while performing in the Borders Bookstore Cafe. It also turned out to be popular when we performed as Slim and Minnie, our Out West music act.

You and I, We're different ones,
Cast out of the beat of a different drum.
The beat is strong. Our beat is fine.
And I feel fine, as long, as you are mine.

You and I sing a different song,
And it rings from the string of a different strum.
The song is strong. Our song is fine.
And I feel fine, as long, as you are mine.

Big house little house money or none,
Gonna stay with you no matter what come.
Our love is strong. Our love is fine.
And I feel fine, as long, as you are mine.

Gonna run around the neigh borhood clickin' my heels
Tell the whole wide world how great it feels.
Me bein' yours. You bein' mine.
And I feel fine, as long as you are mine.

My life is fine, as long, as you are mine!

Valse à Mary

Music by Bernard Loffet
Caudan, Brittany, France..
Lyrics by Mary Kay Aufrance

This lovely French tune rings out from the Web site
of accordion maker musician Bernard Loffet,
who composed it. I felt the tune called out for me to create this playful folk song.
So, I contacted Bernard in Bretagne, and made a deal to get his permission to add the lyrics.

In the summer when flowers glow
I can't stop thinking of a dance I know.
And my lover who would dance it too and
how we shared what lovers do.

Dance! We danced all night and then some more!
Swirling spining! Always dancing for
we were lovers and our hearts were true
for we shared what lovers do.

Be my lover now come dance with me
I can teach you how so easily
Just say Yes! Stay close and hold me too.
Let me show you what to do.

Dance me! Dance with me once more my dear!
Swirling spining! Always dancing near!
Hold me closer like we did back then!
Oh, dance me! Dance with me again!

Dance with me once more
Now don't you go
Swirl me spin me till to morrow
Come my lover now come dance and we will
dance our dance eternally.

About Valse à Mary: Bernard Loffet is a luthier and accordionist in Brittany, and he wrote the tune Valse à Mary for his wife. When I heard this tune on his web site:, I loved it! So, I was inspired to write lyrics and then recorded it on our CD Musical Dreams You will find that it is the most charming of tunes, and it is the same recording that has been on his site for many years. It all started in 2000, when I was looking to buy an accordion, and found Bernard's site with his Valse à Mary playing on it. I remember thinking of lyrics for the tune while looking at my wildflower garden and all its colors glowing in the sun, as if spring and this tune compelled me to write the lyrics. What a beautiful memory. Anyway, I paid Bernard a little in royalties that we negotiated via email, and if I ever sell 250 copies I will have to send him another check. It's a fun agreement, but it will be a very long time before we sell more than 250! You can help me to surprise Bernard with another royalty check by buying the CD! I just love this song, and it was also a lovely experience recording it with Tom!

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Sleep Sings Along

by Mary Kay Aufrance

...came to me the morning after Valentine's Day,
in a dream of singing with musician friend Wendy.

You sang a song of broken dreams
and chivalry, or so it seems.
No charming prince would ride to cheer
your shadow whispered something in my ear.

You played a tune that seemed absurd.
Just sadness was it's only word.
Between this winter and the last,
there's been too many storms that's past.

So sing us your song of broken dreams,
while sleep sings along,
as she stitches the seams.
Sleep takes up your sadness to cast it away.
Though she mends in darkness, in the twilight you'll stay.

It wasn't very long ago,
we made our angels in the snow.
A snowflake touched my face today.
I only wanted you to know.

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by Mary Kay Aufrance not biographical, but the name was inspired by a lovely young friend
with whom we performed at many a Renaissance faire.

Amanda Amanda
Come sing with me Amanda.
Your mama isn't listnin' and your daddy isn't here.
Amanda Amanda, He said to me, Amanda
We'll make up songs and sing them loud, cause no one else can hear.
We'll pretend we know what life's about and that is why we'll sing and shout.
Amanda Amanda
Come and sing with me, come out!

Amanda Amanda
Come dance with me Amanda.
Your mama ain't complainin' and your daddy says OK.
Amanda Amanda, He said to me, Amanda
We'll dance all night, I'll show you how, so let me lead the way.
We'll pretend we know the minuet. We will spin and swirl and pirouette.
Amanda Amanda
Come and dance with me, my pet!

Amanda Amanda
Come marry me Amanda.
Your mama isn't worried, and your daddy says go-on.
Amanda Amanda, He said to me, Amanda
I'll get a job and you can have a garden and a pond.
We'll pretend that we're in love and then we will know it's true, no more pretend.
Amanda Amanda
Come and marry me, say yes!

Amanda Amanda
I'm sad to go Amanda.
Your mama she's a cryin' and your daddy's at the door.
Amanda Amanda, He said to me, Amanda
I'll not forget the fun we had but somehow I dreamed of more.
We pretended that it might work out but we didn't know what life's about.
Amanda Amanda
Come and kiss me just once more!

Amanda Amanda
I long to hear Amanda.
My mama isn't smilin' and my dad-dy's lookin' poor.
Amanda Amanda, He'd say to me, Amanda
We'll build a little tree house and we'll sing and dance and more
If I could go back, I'd do it now and I would try to love him back somehow.
Amanda Amanda
You're a silly girl, what for?

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Her Secret Mystery

by Mary Kay Aufrance

It was the way she'd been before.
The path was soft, a forest floor.
Into the trees, they drew her there
into the dark night air.

There was no one out in the night,
There was no one around.
No moon nor stars, just dark sound
there to see her far from the eyes that could possibly see
her secret mystery.

He'd seen the lady there before.
And now he wanted to see more.
within the trees, he'd seen her there
out in the dark night air.

There was no one out in the night,
There was no one around.
No moon nor stars, just dark sound
there to see her now with his eyes, could he see her again
the way he did back then?

She found the place she'd come there for.
The trees were darker than before.
And there she felt the way again
the way she'd felt back then.

There was someone out in the night,
As if someone around.
Beyond the moon and night sound
there beyond the trees there were eyes that could possibly see
her secret, could it be?

Al-though he wanted to come near,
He held his breath in si-lent fear
that if she were to see him then
she'd never come again.

There was no one out in the night,
There was no one around.
No moon nor stars, just dark sound
He could see her now but would know he'd remain and would be
her secret mystery.

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The Mountain Sea
(The Lake Tahoe Song)

by Mary Kay Aufrance

One of my friends said that one day all the children of Lake Tahoe
would be singing this song. He thought it was that good! Just in case
there's still a chance of this dream coming true, the sheet music
is in our music book.

There's a place I know, so won't you go with me.
We'll leave it all behind.
They say seek and ye shall find, so let's find what there may be.
It's calling you and me, so get up, get ready.

Get on your hiking boots, and your old bathing suit.
Oh what a sight to see!
But don't forget the tanning oil, baby.
Because we're going to the mountain sea!

Summer picnics on the shore, we shared them with our sons and daughters.
I remember this and more, like all those glorious sunny days!
The m-ny nights by the firelight, glowing as we watched our frien-ship growing,
I still see them in your eyes, those blue Lake Tahoe skies.

Oh Lake Tahoe! I love to see your sparkling waters.
Oh Lake Tahoe, I'd love to walk along your shore, for ever more.

Holding hands and sharing more.
What else is the winter for, on the snowy shore.
Wearing our snow shoes or our skis,
here we must slide on our skis, or we'll be up to our knees!

Though the wind may blow, it's not for long you know,
until the summer comes again and we can jump right in!
Oh don't it make you feel like a butterfly,
when you're swimming along on the
Lake of the Sky!

Oh Lake Tahoe! I love to splash your sparkling waters.
Oh Lake Tahoe, We'll swim together near your shore, for ever more.

When moonlight o'er the mountains flows,
see it shimmer see it glimmer on the lake below.
Beneath the surface no one knows. If that ribbon of light still glows.
Wouldn't we like to ride that ribbon of light, on up to whereever it leads tonight?
It's like the light that's in your eyes,
tonight's Lake Tahoe skies.

Oh Lake Tahoe!, I love to know your sparkling waters.
Oh Lake Tahoe, We'll be together on your shore, for ever more.

So we will find our mountain side
Where with our arms thrown open wide,
to all the beauty that's in sight.
We'll sing it out, with all of our might!

Oh, Lake Tahoe! Someday I'll be your sparkling waters.
Oh, Lake Tahoe, we will be together evermore.

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After You've Gone

by Mary Kay Aufrance

After the party's ov-er and done,
After the guests have all gone,
After the music and lights have gone out,
The feeling will linger on.

After the fire's light has gone dim and
After the night has closed in,
Say you will always be here and then,
I'll know we will love again.

After the party's over
After the guests have gone.
Say that you will always be here with me,
Say our love will linger on.
And our love will linger on.

After the feelings over
After the love has gone.
One thing will still always be here with me,
The Sad and the Lonely Song,
To sing even when you're gone

Go Ask the Rain

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by Mary Kay Aufrance

...filled my thoughts after 9/11.
See our video for Go Ask the Rain on youtube

During the rain there was thunder and lightning,
During the rain you could hear somebody cry,
During the rain there was somebody fighting,
and like the rain they fell out of the sky.

Go ask the rain why there's thunder and lightning,
Go ask the rain why they fell from the sky,
Go ask the rain why so many are crying,
I don't think the rain knows the answer to why.

Before the rain they were somebody to someone,
Before the rain they were just like you and I,
Before the rain they would get no words of caution,
Then came the rain and they fell from the sky,

After the rain there'll be thunder and lightning,
After the rain you'll hear everyone ask why,
After the rain there'll be somebody fighting,
giving their all so no more have to die.

Go ask the rain why there's thunder and lightning,
Go ask the rain why they fell from the sky,
Go ask the rain why so many are crying,
I don't think the rain knows the answer to why.

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Just Like Me

by Mary Kay Aufrance

Stroke her long black hair
and tell her that you care.
Gently caress her kiss her.
Say you'll stay there with her.

Whisper so soft and near,
those words that only lovers hear.
Say you will never leave
and soon she will be-lieve
Just like me.

Tell her she will always be
the one for you eternally.
Say it so convincingly
the way you said to me.
Just like me.

Give her your lover's word,
the same words I once heard.
Hold her in your embrace like when I was in her place.
Just like me.

The whispers what were yours,
take them from me and make them hers.
Those things you promised me,
but now it's you and she.
And not me.

Tell her she will always be
the one for you eternally.
And soon she'll be just like me
In love so hopelessly.
Just like me.

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Mr. Potato Head
Mr Potato Head

by Mary Kay Aufrance

What a lark it was, writing and singing this for people, and
everybody sang along!
(Mr. Potato Head™ is a registered
trademark of Hasbro, Inc. and has
nothing to do with the rights to this song.)

A long time ago we had fun with a game,
But heck if I hardly remember it's name,

Yet, as I recall it had something to do
with potatoes and plastic parts too!

We'd stick in some ears then we'd stick on some eyes,
And add on a nose and a smile, and surprise!

A cute little man would appear pretty quick
to keep us amused. Quite a trick!

Oh me Oh my
Mister Potato Head What a fun guy!

Oh my Oh me
We had fun way back then, didn't we?

As you can imagine as time travelled on
My interest in playin' with small fries was gone.

I wanted a real man to hold for my self
So I sat Mister Spud on the shelf.

A long came a real boy, but after a time
the frenzy we'd whipped up was gettin' sublime.

Since a half baked relationship just will not do,
I asked Mister P what to do.

Oh me Oh my
Mister Potato said Girl please don't cry!

Oh my Oh me
For I think I know just what to try!

I'm only a shriveled up tuber he said
But let me say somethin' to you pumpkin head

The way that love works ain't mysteriously
All you need is the right recipe!

If your love life is soggy just butter him up
Then garnish his fries with what's creamy to sup.

And whip up augratin and scallop his dips
Pretty soon you'll be back in the chips!

Well he made me fee better that sweet little yam
That tuberous spud guy like nobody can.

So I took his advice and we're happy you know,
growin' tots in our own Idaho

Oh me Oh my
Mister Potato Head You're my best friend.

Oh my Oh me
and I'm stickin' with you till
The End!

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Good Morning to You, My Sweetheart!

by Mary Kay Aufrance

Yes, my French is atrocious and I can not tell the difference between
German and Norwegian, but all the more to charm you with!
By the way, thank you to the kind Chinese man
I met on the Internet for giving me
his phonetic way of saying Good Morning to a loved one!

Good morning to you my sweetheart,
I'd realy just like to say.
Good morning to you my sweetheart,
in an unusual way!

Bon-jour a tu you mon cheri
Bonjour a tu you today
Good morning to you mon cheri
is how the French would parlay!

Good morning,
In any language it's informing,
The whole wide world that,
the day is new and I'm in Love with you!

And if we awoke in China,
I'd try to say sin I duh,
But the people across the border
say das vi dan ya to ya!

God mogen to you mein liebling,
in Germany or Norway.
But bwaynosdias mi ahmor,
is what the Mexicans say!

Good morning in any language it's heartwarming,
to tell you I Love You from Zanzibar to Africa.

Good morning to you my sweetheart,
I'm glad that I got to say.
Good morning to you my sweetheart,
Now, go and have a great day!

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If You Need A Friend

by Mary Kay Aufrance

If you need a friend to call on,
If you're feeling sad and blue,
If you don't know who to turn to,
Don't feel alone.
Pick up the phone.
Someone is waiting for you.

If you're ever feeling lonely,
And your day is dragging through.
If you need someone to talk to,
Don't be forelorn
Just get on the horn
'Cause some one is waiting for you

If you don't know what to do,
Together we can work things through.
How bad could it really be?
Just call on me and you will see.

If you're thinking things are hopeless
And you've got too much to do
Do you need someone to help? Yes!
Don't hesitate!
It's never too late!
I'll still be waiting for you.

I'll always be waiting for you!

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You Are My Sunshine

by Jimmie Davis 1940 (Used with permission. Yes! I had to pay
royalties for permission to record this tune and a happier verse that this song deserves.)
See the blue type for my new "happy ending" vers.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know dear how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping.
I dreamt I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear. I was mistaken.
So I held my head and I cried.

You are my sun-shine, my only sunshine...

So as you’re goin’ a-bout your day dear.
I hope you sometimes think of me.

If in your dreams dear, you’re in my arms here.
We’ll be together eternally.

You are my sun-shine, my only sunshine...

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Let Your Heart Win

by Mary Kay Aufrance

I dreamt of four young men on stage all
dressed up in dark gray tuxes with shiny lapels.
As they sang into their microphones, I was
“willing” them to sing their parts in this song.
These handsome Latinos sang playfully for me.

Celita, let him tell you he loves you.
Celita, let him make his heart yours.
Chiquita, he's there standing beside you,
don't deny what's inside you,
let your heart win.

Amour it's his heart speaking to yours and
amour means all the world will be grand.
As your love grows, it's what's glowing and it shows
in your eyes so the world knows you've let his love in.

Amor and it's Grand
Celita! He loves you.
Don't deny what's inside you,
Let your heart win.
Let... Let your heart win.

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Give Me Your Hand

lyrics by Mary Kay Aufrance

Ttraditional Irish tune by Turlough O’Carolan. Legend has
it that its lyrics were lost, so I felt this song called out for me to write its story.

If you gave me a star from the back of the sky.
I would hold it in close like a small firefly.
And with light in my palm we could see to go far.
Past the mists and the moors through the otherworld doors.
Through eternity’s gate on the wings of our star.

Those souls who had sung this tune long ago,
might tell you a secret that on-ly they know.
For their dreams still live on though their world is long gone.
But their lyrics were lost in the mists of all time
so we try to retrieve them today with all our rhymes.

So give me your hand and we’ll go to that land, that’s
beyond our time far on the wings of our star.

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The Lark in the Morning

lyrics and arr. by Mary Kay Aufrance
Trad. tune in O'Neill's Music of Ireland
(1903 ed. Lyon & Healey).
The lyrics were lost and never found, according to legend.
So, I got inspired by the tune and its history, and wrote these lyrics about the lark in the morning.
When we had a chance to perform this tune with Silver Strings at the
Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, Nevada.

The lark in the morning flies into the sun.
Her song of the summer's a mysterious one.
She soars o'er the willow and the rock and sea.
And if I am lucky she'll sing it for me.

The lark's wings are painted the amber of sun.
Her song is a plaintive and sorrowful one.
She'll fly every morning till the end of time and
sing to your children her lyric sublime.

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Up to Me

by Mary Kay Aufrance

Up to me.
If it were on-ly up to me.
If I'd dare,
You'd think that I did-n't care.

If it were up to me.
I would be gone to-mor-row,
Though you might search for me.
I would-n't be a-ny-where

The hap-py times we used to know
I am a-fraid_that I've_re-placed_them all_with sorrow
But if we'd go back then some how
I guess we'd still end up here where we are right now.

I'd walk a-way so si-lent-ly.
You'd be free
And may-be glad I_was-n't here.

'Cause, if I were_ to go
I'd take a-way your sor-row,
It's such a part of me,
The part I want_to dis-a-ppear.

It's_not_up to me.
It's not my choice to stay or go
I don't dare
To think that I could-n't care.

So I'll go faith-ful-ly.
I'll share your ev-ery_to-mor-row,
For an e-tern-i-ty
Be-cause my love keeps me here.

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The Bells of Ireland

by Mary Kay Aufrance
On a cold February day, Tom and I bought some flowers
in the Safeway floral department.
They were called Bells of Ireland.
They were wonderful to have
on the kitchen table that winter.

Bells of Ireland are blooming in a vase on the table here.
And the mandolin is ringing,
with a tune that's full of cheer.

Though the wintry wind is howling out, it tries to hum along.
With the shutters tight, our hearts are light,
and we're singin' a summer song.

Though the grass won't green for three month's time,
and the trees are barren still.
On a winter's night the stars shine bright,
and they're dancin' a jig o'er the hill.

While heartfelt chords are calling out,
my fingers fly over the keys.
As we sing with the Bells of Ireland
of the fair land beyond on the seas.

We can dance to the Bells of Ireland
though we've never been anywhere near.
We've got all we desire with music inspired
by the Ireland that's bloomin' right here.

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Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

by Mary Kay Aufrance
Dear Friends and Gentle Heargs were the words found on a little note in the
pocket of Stephen Foster. He never finished his song, so I did it a hundred years later.
My song pays its respects to Gentle Annie (1856) and Beautiful Dreamer (1864).
Thank you to Tom for his playful mandolin and guitar on this one!

Dear friends and gentle hearts,
was on the note found in his pock-et,
and those few words were written on-it.
Yes it's true.

Dear friends and gentle hearts,
What do you think that message meant?
Was it a final sentiment, for me and you?

I wonder what he meant
bythat note he never sent
Dear friends and gentle hearts
Don’t you?

Even though gone are the days,
when his heart was young and gay,
His songs that made the ban jo sway-,
Are here to stay.

His said the good times weren't all gone
And though the years keep rambling on,
We still remember all those songs
Yes it's true.

But I still wonder what he meant
by that last note he never sent
Did friends and gentle hearts mean I Love You?

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